We have crafted awamori for over 70 years in our traditional way at Miyako island, full of green nature and coral reef.

Miyako Island, which resembles Manta in the shining blue ocean, is 310 km southwest of the main island of Okinawa.
The coral reef island is full of moisture with green throughout the four seasons and nurtures rich nature of the subtropics.

Taking advantage of its rich blessings, Taragawa has dedicated himself to crafting the vintage sake of Awamori.

Since 1948, the year of its establishment, we have continued to craft our vintage sake only in our traditional way.


3 commitments of Taragawa


Brewers of Taragawa


We don’t make awamori, but we raise it.
Today, the brewers are looking to rice malts and raising fertile drops.

The brewers of Taragawa put all their time and effort with all their heat in order to make the best awamori.
Although mechanization plays some parts in making awamori, the hand of man is indispensable.
They feel seasons, look at rice and rice malts and keep making awamori.

For rice, for water, for rice malts,
The brewers raise fertile drops with appreciation, respect, and love.


Origin of name“Taragawa”

The place has been rich in spring water since old times and the villagers called the place Parugar (Paru means the farm in South land and Gar is well or river).
Parugar changed to Tarugar and then Taragawa.
The name of awamori, Taragawa, comes from Taragawa which flows underground the wood called Uehine.

Thoughts of Taragawa

Refreshing and depth over long time. The crafting awamori reflects its home, Miyako.

We use the pure water that flows underground deeply in a coral reef island.
The water gives awamori life and raises its dignity.

Taragawa is located in Sunagawa, gukusube, where it has the purest water in the island.
Taragawa, underground water which comes from the wood of Uehine, flows under the brewery.
Taragawa uses the natural water as its preparation water for awamori.
Miyako island was made up of coral reefs. Because of its highly permeable Ryukyu limestone, rainwater is naturally filtered and becomes hard water rich in minerals. This water makes raw sake, which is ideal for making awamori.

Stored in a cool and dark room.
Faithfully follow the belief of stored vintage sake.
Long-term aging leads awamori from raw sake to vintage sake.

Taragawa has its unique philosophy for storage that nurtures maturity.
One of the philosophies is storing in a cool and dark room.

stores the sake at a stable, cool temperature and makes the quality of aging constant.

In addition, Taragawa has strictly kept the way of storing the sake in unglazed pots based on tastes and product characteristics, which has been done since its founding.

Taragawa from Miyako island


Happiness comes from overseas.

he people of the Okinawa islands believe that there is a country ruled by the Gods over the sea called “Nirai Kanai”.
They believe that incidents in their islands are caused by the Gods from Nirai Kanai.
The people have welcomed the Gods and prayed for their happy lives and for the prevention of disasters, hunger, or sickness.

Sometimes, the nature of the island rages.
The people have helped each other, fighting against droughts and typhoons.

The people have helped each other with an appreciation for nature given by the Gods. The islanders’ heart is rich.

Taragawa was born on Miyako island, a pure place.